7. Custom Images and Sounds

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7.1. Adding Custom Images

STEP 1: Select Image Editor from the EV3 Menu Note:
The Image Editor can open .rgf, .jpg, .png, and .bmp files. Color images are automatically converted to monochrome images. The .rgf file extension is what LEGO uses.
STEP 2: Open your image
STEP 3: Change its size using the buttons and change the placement by selecting and moving the entire image around
STEP 4: Adjust the contrast
STEP 5: Edit the image, using the tool palette to the left of the editing screen.
STEP 6: Save the image
STEP 7: This image is now ready to use in your display block

7.2. Sharing your RGF FILE

1) Click on the wrench tool in your project
2) Select the Images Tab
3) Click on the .rgf file
4) Click on Export and save the file
5) You can now send this file to anyone you want to
6) If you want to add a .rgf file sent to you to your project, simply choose Import instead

7.3. Adding Custom Sounds

STEP 1: Select Sound Editor from the Tools Menu

STEP 2: Click on Open and select a sound file or record your own using the red button

STEP 3: The sound you selected will appear in the editor

STEP 4: Move the blue bar to change the size of the clip

STEP 5: Save the file

STEP 6: The sound will appear in the sound block

Challenge 1:
Display an image of your team on your LEGO EV3 while playing your favorite tune on LEGO EV3

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