6. Displaying Text and Graphics

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6.1. Display Block

• The Display Block to show information and pictures on the screen
• You can control the location and size of text
• You can use this same block to display sensor readings and instructions.

Located in Green Tab

MORE ON Display Blocks

Two modes to display

Pixel mode (Use for displaying images or text)
• 178 pixels left and right
• 128 pixels up and down

Grid mode (Easier to use, only works for text mode)
• 22 columns of 8 pixels each
• 12 rows of 10 pixels each
• Small characters are 1 row and 1 column
• Large characters are 2 rows and 2 columns

Displaying Text in Grid Mode
Step 1:
Pick Display Block
Step 2:
Click on “Switch Modes” icon and hover over “text”. Then click on “grid”. The icon will change into a square with dots.
Step 3:
Use the box on the top right to enter the text you want to display

Challenge 1
• Can you write a program to display text in the middle of the screen? Display “Hello World”
• Make the display block run for 3 seconds
• Can you also move while doing this?

Challenge 2: Two lines of Text
• Now what if you want “Hello” to appear on one line and “World” to appear on the next line?

Hint: You will use two display blocks and don’t clear the screen on the second display block otherwise the first word will disappear!

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