5. Basic Turning

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5.1. Pivot vs. Spin Turns

Notice where the robot ends in both pictures after a 180 degree turn.

In the Spin Turn, the robot moves a lot less and that makes Spin Turns are great for tight positions. Spin turns tend to be a bit faster but also a little less accurate.
So when you need to make turns, you should decide which turn is best for you!

5.2. How to Make Pivot and Spin turns

Change Steering value here

5.3. Making a pivot turn for 90 degrees

Program your robot to turn 90 degrees. Does the robot actually turn 90 degrees if you just pick 90 degrees for distance?

NO. Try using the port view to measure the turn and then input the correct number of degrees.

5.4. Turning Challenges

Challenge 1
• Your robot is a baseball player who has to run to all the bases and go back to home plate.
• Can you program your robot to move forward and then turn left?
• Use a square box or tape

Challenge 2
• Your robot baseball player must run to second base, turn around and come back to first.
• Go straight. Turn 180 degrees and return to the same spot

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