2. Recap Module 3

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The logic behind summarizing your points:

Do you remember building a tower with playing cards when you were a child? Every time you added a new card on top, you carefully adjusted and aligned all the other cards under it. It helped you build a tall and stable tower.

The principle applies to our project as well. Every new point puts a strain on memory of what was covered earlier. Unless you summarize periodically, your audience can’t remember your points beyond a point (pun intended).

Lesson 1 Updating Your Software and Firmware
• Learn how to update the software
• Learn how to update the firmware

Lesson 2 Solutions to common brick-related issues
• Learn solutions to common brick-related issues

Lesson 3 Moving Straight
• Learn how to make your robot go forward and backwards
• Learn how to use the Move Steering block
• Learn how to read sensor values using Port View

Lesson 4 Pseudocode
• Learn what pseudocode means and why you use pseudocode
• Learn to write pseudocode for a common task

Lesson 5 Basic Turning
• Learn to turn the robot a desired number of degrees
• Learn the differences between Spin and Pivot Turns
• Learn how to program two different type of turns

Lesson 6 Displaying Text and Graphics
• Learn to use the Display Block to display text and images
• Understand why the Display Block can be useful in programming

Lesson 7 Custom Images and Sounds
• Learn to use the Display Block and Sound Block to add your custom images and sounds to the EV3

Lesson 8 Touch Sensor
• Learn how to use the Touch Sensor
• Learn how to use the Wait For Block
• Learn the difference between the Wait For Block and the Sensor Blocks
• Learn when to use Move Block’s “On” mode

Lesson 9 Color Sensor
• Learn how to use the Color Sensor
• Learn about Coast and Brake

Lesson 10 Loops
• Learn how to repeat an action
• Learn how to use Loop Blocks

Lesson 11 Switches
• Learn how to make your robot decide what to do out of different choices
• Learn how to use a Switch Block

Lesson 12 Debugging
• Learn about Data Wires
• Learn about Debbuging techniques

Lesson 13 Proportional Control
• Learn about Compute error and Make Correction

Lesson 14 Introduction to MY BLOCKS
• Learn when to use My Blocks
• Learn about Parametrization

Lesson 15 Parralel Beams
• Learn how to make a Parralel Beam
• Learn about Syncronization

Lesson 16 Logic Operations & Decision
• Learn about Modes in the Logic Block

Lesson 17 Data Logging
• Learn how to use Data Logging
• Learn how to view your data

Lesson 18 Introduction to Bluetooth
• Learn how to activate Bluetooth on EV

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