17. Data Logging

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The EV3 software provides a simple way to continuously record sensor readings to a file and to plot the values later. This is called Data Logging.

Why use Data Logging:
– science experiments.
– understanding robot programming blocks.
– understanding sensor behavior.

Autonomous Data Logging requires the Data Logging Block

17.1. How do you use the Data Logging Block?

To use this block, simply drag a Data Logging Block in front of the code you want to log and turn it “on”. To stop logging, add another Data Logging Block set to “off”.

Pick all the other parameters – the ports, the sensors you want to log, what you want to record (rotations/degrees, etc.)

Download and run program

17.2. How to View your Data

If you want to get the file from your brick to the computer:

1. Click on the Brick Information Icon
2. Press the Open Browser Memory Icon.
3. Find the correct .rdf file.

If you want to view the data file from either the brick or the computer:

Tools -> Datalog File Manager -> Select BRICK or COMPUTER and pick the correct file

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