Robotics ON

Using the opportunity offered by the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2, the Robotics ON strategic partnership project, provides students with the opportunity to develop their STEM skills and become science and technology leaders.

The aim of the project is to increase the number of young programmers experienced in the communities of the four partner schools. Two schools with a theoretical line in Romania and Lithuania, two VET schools in Hungary and Italy and two private companies in Romania have assumed the responsibility to provide students with a framework favorable to the development of digital and entrepreneurial skills that they’ll need to succeed after graduation.

To this end, by the end of the project, the 84 target group students, members of the Robotics Clubs, will be involved in training, counseling, tutorials, ICT / programming / robotics competitions, benefiting from increased autonomy in terms of personal and professional development.

Student training / development activities at Robotics Clubs will be conducted by experienced trainers from private partner companies, connected to the business environment, and the IT market challenges and needs. They will have four training sessions, structured on the modules:

  • Communication, Coordination, Teamwork related to System Project Management;
  • Critical thinking, creative problem solving;
  • Computer programming;
  • Robotics coding and driving.

In each school, after each training session, students will work together in robotics clubs, being peer-councelors, digital resource makers, autonomously using their achievements, identifying institutional needs and solutions to them. Under the guidance of coordinating teachers, students will identify and distribute roles and responsibilities, develop and promote ideas and projects for their school / community, and create their own robot to solve a problem identified by themselves.


As a partnership project supporting innovation, during the 24 months of implementation (01.11.2017-31.10.2019), two intellectual products will be developed, tested and improved:

  • the Robotics ON curriculum, structured on the four training modules
  • e-learning platform.

Funding is provided by the European Commission, with the project budget being 149,115 euros.


Module 1: Communication, Coordination, Teamwork related to System Project Management

Module 2: Critical thinking, creative problem solving

Module 3: Computer programming

Module 4: Robotics coding and driving

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